Meet April Daly, Ph.D.

April Daly, Ph.D.

Like many in the Mahopac and Carmel community, my story starts in the Bronx and moves north to Westchester and eventually Putnam County. I have lived and worked in Mahopac for the last 16 years, but Mahopac has been a part of my life since the mid-nineteen eighties. I have lived in the lower Hudson Valley most of my life and am proud to be a New York native and to call the Town of Carmel my home.

I am running for the Town Board to help our town grow and prosper as a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable community. We need strategies and precise execution to implement economically viable smart growth while balancing the preservation and development of green spaces for the benefit of our town and residents. My experience in business, science, technology, and regulatory compliance across a wide range of industries can help lead our local government to create the conditions and programs necessary to drive sustainable, growth-based outcomes.

Change is inevitable and fundamental to the laws of nature. We not only face challenges to our existing water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure, but new challenges are emerging from the digital revolution. Our town government is starting to adapt digital scanning technology and data collection. Over time, the digital revolution will impact our highway department and water systems infrastructure. These tools will help us stay safe, further reduce crime, and make government operations more efficient, but they also raise new challenges of asset & data security, data preservation, transparency, and privacy. I can provide independent, forward looking leadership to help Carmel navigate changes resulting from 21st century technology.

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Business, Science, and Technology

My business helps corporations digitize their laboratories in support of manufacturing, research & development, and environmental testing in regulated and quality-controlled environments. With foundational knowledge of chemical, physical, and material sciences and in-depth experience in computing technology, I help laboratories increase compliance and efficiency in business workflows and electronic data stewardship policies and practices.

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Our town can only be as strong as our community and our commitment to a shared sense of purpose. For a community to thrive there must be a foundation of human relationships, social trust, decency, and respect towards one another. My contributions to our town are small compared to many, but I have tried to do my small part to contribute to our community through business and STEM advocacy and the Keep Putnam Beautiful initiative.

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