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April Daly for Carmel Town Council

April Daly is running to help lead Carmel to a more prosperous future of economic growth and community development. She is running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, accountability & transparency, and balanced growth.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a homeowner I am concerned about the growth of the tax burden levied against tax payers. I support staying under the Tax Cap, but fiscal responsibility must also include making smart choices with our tax dollars. Monies have been wasted on lawsuits, unnecessary emergency fixes to infrastructure, and poor planning. The result is that we must go into debt to repair our roads and basic infrastructure. This limits our ability to invest in our community for growth to support activities for our children or for business development. With my experience in business and engineering optimization, I am ready to work with our staff to make our government more efficient, maximizing our return on investment.

Accountability & Transparency

We've have all seen the Board pass-the-buck in meetings when tough questions are asked. Too often the bid process is by-passed and any objections from the community falls on deaf ears. We recently saw the Lake Mahopac Park District advocate for hiring a lawyer to "deal with a lot of issues on the lake", yet no specific issues were described. Listening to the vague language of the discussion one is left to wonder whether the Board was transparent with their intentions. Given the long history of some of the parties involved and the, at the time, opened court cases regarding private interests whether there was a clear public benefit. Our government must be transparant and accountable to the people!

Build Sustainability In

Our beautiful lakes, woods, and countryside are an important asset for our community. With the number of extreme weather events over the last few years, it is hard to argue that climate change is not threatening our way of life. We must build sustainable practices into planning, procurement, and operations of our government so that, over time, we do our part to reduce the impact to our environment. We should also lower any barriers to property owners use of sustainable technology while preserving the character of our community. Our current Board missed an opportunity to lower energy costs with the Swan Cove plans by not incorporating solar energy capability and instead sourcing all energy from the Route 6N electrical grid. I guess it is not important to them!

Digital Surveillance and our Town

We are on the dawn the digital surveillance age. Our police department has started using scanning plate readers that monitor traffic is real time. While the benefits to law enforcement are clear and necessary, the practice raises issues regarding to how that data is stored and protected. Historically, the Town keeps arrest records, but this is static data based on alleged wrong doings of individuals. Scanning plate readers represent a new type of data collection - the everyday movements of law-abiding citizens. This data would be very valuable to criminals as they would know your routine comings & goings helping them to plan robberies.

One might be tempted to argue that it is just a few plate readers and that would be true today, but what about tomorrow? How long will it be before facial recognition is used in public spaces? An important lesson from the digital age is that we can't predict how bad actors will use our data to commit crimes or harass and intimidate people. Digital surveillance tools, and soon robotics, are valuable tools for law enforcement, but we also need to know that our government has policies to protect our personal data from imporper use or access, sharing, and data retention.